Argumentative Essay: Immigration To The United States

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Immigration People now think of immigrants as illegal criminals crossing the border or bringing the terror to the united states, but this is not the true case. The reason they are leaving is because of the cartels and terror in there contrary.”With the exception of Native Americans, all persons living in the United States are descended from immigrants or slaves who came to the country during the last 400 years.”Daniels, Robert. This shown that no one is different, we all come from places other than America. But this fact is not the end of the line, there are still people who discriminate against people of other race, skin color, and religion. “Immigration refers to the movement of persons from one nation or region to another with the purpose of seeking permanent residence.” …show more content…
This shows that there are many people out in the world look towards this great nation of ours as a chance to finally get religious freedom. Religion is not the only thing people are coming to america for, they also seek peace and just freedom.”In 1948, Congress made temporary revisions to immigration policy to allow people left homeless by World War II to come to the United States.”Daniels, Robert. This statement proves that the laws can be bended to help out those in need of safety and even basic human rights. There are still those few people that argue against immigrants and there are many reasons why families into the United States for a safe humane place, good opportunity, and accepting to people is some places.” Recently, a committee within the House of Representatives formulated a new immigration bill, H.R. 4437 (Sensenbrenner/King Border Protection, Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005). The bill proposed to construct nearly 700 miles of fencing along the southwest border of the United States and to classify illegal immigrants as “aggravated felons,” thus allowing for additional legal penalties against migrants and those who aid or harbor