Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth Its Cost?

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As the common phrase goes (originating from Sir Francis Bacon from 1597), “knowledge is power!” College comes into mind when I hear the phrase and I do believe it. While college gives you with more education, college does provide more. I agree college is worth its cost (than those opposed) because it helps one develop a character, growing intellectually, teaches you freedom, and opens up opportunities for graduates.
Although I do believe attending colleges does help you further your education, it also helps you develop a character which will significantly impact your life and other’s lives around you. Having character, naturally, makes one self-aware, compassionate, and above all, understanding. When a survey asked, “what it takes for
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Obviously, being in college, you should be independent with almost everything. With “America’s great universities and colleges, they continue to offer a rigorous and innovative liberal arts education,” (Roth). In short, “liberal arts education emphasizes freedom and experimentation as tools for students to develop a meaningful way of working after graduation,” (Roth).
Lastly, attending and completing college helps open up opportunities for graduates. In the real world, having a college degree, whether it’s an associate’s or masters, will open up doors for you than those who just have a high school diploma or no diploma at all. “A new study even shows that a bachelor’s degree pays off for jobs that don’t require one: secretaries, plumbers, and cashiers,” according to David Leonhardt. The reasons for this are because employers seek for people with great credentials and “education helps people do higher-skilled work, get jobs with better-paying companies or open their own businesses” (Leonhardt).
To summarize, college helps you develop a character (which helps you in the long run), it helps you grow intellectually as a person and better understand the world, teaches you about independence through experimentation, and opens up opportunities for college graduates. These are the main reasons why college is worth its cost for anyone deciding to attend college after high