Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Cost?

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College represents a trial and error period in life; students switch majors and change social groups in their pursuit of a successful future. Their paths to earning a degree differ in length and difficulty, yet those that graduate experience the complete transition from childhood to adulthood through the time allotted and spent earning a college education. The major financial and time investment required to receive a college degree presents a challenge that limits students from even considering attending a post-secondary school. The question arises: is college worth the cost? Despite college putting students and their families in debt, the benefits of post-secondary education are evident in increased salary with a more advanced degree, life …show more content…
Post-secondary graduates are “found disproportionately in leadership positions” (Roth). College has the ability to expand the number of paths available to students by requiring the obtaining of credits in a variety of subjects resulting in more culturally, politically, and socially aware young adults. Moreover, college provides opportunities for networking and supplies and surrounds students with internships and research: a crucial factor in succeeding in any field of interest. Matthew B. Crawford expounds on the ways that college results in a streamline to cubicle jobs; nevertheless, college allows students to find their paths to their future careers individually and without this misconstrued funnel caused by constricting college standards. By mastering a single trade at a vocational school young adults are limited to industries involving a single specialized skill, but with a college degree, graduates can expand across various industries as they collaborate with adults of other educational backgrounds. For example, a student trained in a beauty school limits their related careers to salon work or television and film production; however, a biology major student could go on to earn a Ph.D. or M.D., become a teacher, or complete research in collaboration with other