Argumentative Essay: Is Creationism Or Evolution True?

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The debate to how life began could go on for hours and hours between two peoples that have different views. Creationism and Evolution are two different views of how things came to be. Most people believe an either one or the other. Creationism is the belief that all was created by the actions of God. Evolution is the theory that all life has evolved from one another. There is no doubt that there are numerous arguments for whether Creationism or Evolution is true or which is superior and that many people feel strongly about them; however, both cannot be correct.
Evolution “is change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift” (Source). The theory of Evolution was firstly put together in Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species,” it was published in 1859 (Source). “The Theory of Evolution is currently the most popular concept of how life reached its current state. Evolution as a biological mechanism is driven by natural selection. This theory is favored by many scientists to explain phenomena in nature, so much so that it is generally assumed as factual in most studies”(Source). This asks the question, what is natural selection and how does it work?
According to Darwin, there are 4 components of Natural Selection consisting of variation, inheritance, high rate
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It can be said that many people feel very strongly about them; however, both opinions cannot be correct. Creationism is obviously a stark contrast to Evolution. Creationism is a belief that God created everything, while Evolution is a theory that many people simply just accept as the truth. Finding one complete truth is all up to each individual to decide. Going through facts of each topic can help one gather enough information to settle on one topic or someone could settle on the idea to believe in