Argumentative Essay: Is Racing A Sport?

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There is an argument of definition that sparked in the early 2000s following the increasing popularity of NASCAR. One side is the detractors who thinks that it's just a bunch of suped up cars making another left turn. On the other side of the issue you have the die-hard race fans, sitting in the stands every weekend wearing their favorite driver’s t-shirt who claim that racing is not only a sport but one of the best sports there is. They say this because of the many hardships; whether financial, physical, or mental, that the driver must go through to even earn a chance to race with NASCAR. They claim that because of the difficult conditioning and training that the driver must endure, as well as excruciating lengths in hot cars, would grant …show more content…
Joon Song there must be competition, skill ,and hand eye coordination. That being said, I believe that racing does in fact include a ton of competition, in fact, this is how it all started; a race for bragging rights among moonshiners on curvy foot hill roads in the south. Some detractors may argue that racing requires no skill and that with just a little practice you can race competitively, but after 5 years of attending every local race I beg to differ. Many people try to race but don't have the skill to be able to win races which in most case is the only source of income to feed their hobby thus they don't have the financial backing to keep up and they are forced to quit. For example, most people who are running in the big leagues like NASCAR have had great sponsors along the way. Most likely these same athletes have been racing since they were just 3 years old to be able learn enough ‘tricks’, have enough patience and most important: have enough stamina to race competitively at a national level. A race car driver must also have good hand eye coordination to steer clear of debris, and swerve in and out of traffic to gain a higher position. Lastly the driver must have strength to guide the car around the track at over 190