Argumentative Essay: Lowering The Drinking Age

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So here’s the thing, lowering the drinking age would be a horrendous decision. Thirty years ago, Congress passed a bill that raised the drinking age to 21. Despite these efforts, most developed countries allow young people to legally drink at 18 (Griggs). Many people want the legal drinking age to be lowered but if it is lower then it will encourage more teens to drink and it will raise the death rate because of drinking and driving and alcohol poisoning.
This topic is important to me because I like having the conformity that young teens aren’t drinking or potentially getting injured. Lowering the drinking age will cause more problems and before you know it, someone you know will be hurt in a drinking incident. This is just a few of the many reasons why the legal drinking age should not be lowered to a younger age.
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For example, in an interview with my mom Melissa, she said that “ Even the age of 21 is young to drink and most twenty-one year olds are irresponsible. Also, they think they know how to handle their alcohol so they will drink and drink until they get alcohol poisoning or drive drunk” (Morden). This information is important because it points out that teens who drink often are irresponsible and think they can handle it. Most irresponsible drinkers will drink until they die or drive drunk. This supports my claim because it shows the negative effect of lowering the legal drinking age. This information proves that the drinking age now is bad enough and if it is lowered to a younger age there will be more issues in the