Argumentative Essay On 9/11

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On September 11th, 2001 multiple terrorist attacks took place within the United States. The terrorist group’s main objective was to cause as much destruction and chaos as possible and to do this their main targets were the World Trade Centre along with the Pentagon. Multiple passenger planes were hijacked by the group to complete the mission and were almost completely successful. This act of violence was the reason for the immediate deaths of thousands but the consequences did not end when the day was over. Fifteen years later, how are the effects of 9/11 still evident in today’s world?
Airport Security The first major way this event still affects today’s everyday world is within airports. In hopes of never repeating this horrible incident
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Over $200,000 has been spent on security advancements to contribute to the technology and upgrades. Don Ehrenholz who is a VP of Operations and Engineering states “90 per cent of post-9/11 security upgrades happened behind the scenes” along with making sure all passengers remain safe as considerate and tactful as possible (News Staff). These are just a couple of the many ways airports have increased their security after 9/11 showing the impact even years after.
Racial Profiling Although racial profiling was a problem before the devastation in September 2001, it has increased significantly since the attack. Racial profiling refers to “the targeting of particular individuals based not on their behavior, but rather their personal characteristics” (What Is Racial Profiling?). Hassan Shibly, a Muslim American, has been pulled aside over 20 times for questioning and screening established completely on his appearance (Huus, Kari). As well as “36% of Muslim American who traveled by air in the last year said they had been singled out for special screening” based truly on their religion (Huus, Kari). A survey taken within the United States, during the years following 9/11 states there was a 150% rise in discrimination against Muslims (Graves, Lisa). Racial Profiling is not just in airports and the workplace, it is also spreading to schools. Children who have different backgrounds and