Argumentative Essay On American Education

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The education in America may seem beneficial as it provides opportunities to American citizens; however, immigrants children who are often English language learners have limited opportunities. America doesn't allow the same rights to immigrants who often seek a high-quality education, thus negatively affecting their identity, goals, aspirations, and experiences. America creates a vicious cycle where immigrant children who try to fit in America by learning English, sacrifice their native identity to academically strive. However, as they reach high school, they realize the minimal rights they have for a higher education and minimize their goals or often cease those goals of going to college. Overall, the American education is negatively affecting English language learning immigrants who are children or in high school, by …show more content…
However, in America, most immigrants are silenced to speak their native language because succeeding in America is predominantly based on the English language. For instance, in the article, How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua, she states how America silenced her native language and disconnected her from her heritage which allowed her to adapt to the cultural norms in America. Immigrants sacrifice their identity because they want to succeed in America and by doing so they need to learn English. America only shows how speaking English is critical to success and can offer the benefits of getting a job, education, and fitting in society. America should provide an education in which is accepting to all ethnicities, native identities, and provides equal rights. In conclusion, immigrants face challenges with identity, financial insecurity, quality of education, and opportunity for upward-mobility causing them to give up on their dreams. This raises the question if America is providing enough benefits for other ethnic backgrounds or