Argumentative Essay On Banning Books

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We Have a Right to Write As Americans, anyone should be able to write a book without the worries of someone trying to ban it. For decades, Americans have gotten books banned due to them finding the material outrages. So many books are removed from schools and libraries because society found it offensive. Books are banned for the smallest reasons, “Sometimes books are banned not because of what they say but because of something the author said or did” (“Library Censorship Is Not Justified” 2). The reader can ban a book if they did not like what the author said or did at any given time. People try to ban books if they go against what they believe in. Many religious groups still ban books, some groups even burn books. Book banning takes away …show more content…
A bill that the republic legislature tried to pass in 1997, which would of, considered it a crime to give anyone under the age of 18 a book that promotes homosexuality. There are so many people all over America getting picked on because of their sexuality. They feel unloved and as if they are not normal like they do not belong. Some people enjoy reading books because they can relate to the writing. By removing certain books, which promote homosexuality, from schools and public libraries, it is showing people that they do not belong and it is not right for a boy to be in a relationship with a boy or for a girl to be in a relationship with a girl. Schools and public libraries do not only ban books based off sexuality but also because of religious views. “Most of these challenges came from deeply religious people. At the same time, 397 of the challenges were directed at material ‘promoting a religious viewpoint’” (“Library Censorship Is Not Justified” 1). Books such as Harry Potter, the Bible, and many others have been dislodged from numerous places due to religious views. Harry Potter was removed from public libraries due to religious views because some people believe that it promoted Satanism. As stated in “Library Censorship Is Not