Argumentative Essay On Blackfish

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In 2013, a documentary about the captivity of a Tilikum, a killer whale held at SeaWorld was made. The film, Blackfish, touches upon how the captivity effects animals in a negative way. Because humans captivate animals like this often, they may be looked upon as inherently evil. Being inherently evil is defined as evil “existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute” ( I do not believe that humans are inherently evil due to the fact that people become evil through personal experiences, many individuals aspire to change the world in a positive way and finally because humans are born with a conscience.

To begin, the documentary, Blackfish showed many traits that one would associate
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Blackfish shows both good and bad sides of humans. Unfortunately, both are exemplified through animal cruelty. First, there is the side that is directly becoming the problem and recurring it daily. This side of humans is the side discussed earlier, who have been traumatized and brought up to become evil. Then, there is the positive side of humans, which fortunately does make up most of our population. The individuals who created Blackfish are attempting to show the truth behind SeaWorld and other animal captivity locations worldwide. These individuals are attempting to change the world in a positive way. These people are spreading peace and harmony throughout the world which in modern society, we need more …show more content…
Often times, humans may seem evil due to their certain actions. John Locke believes humans are born with a blank slate and our personal experiences determine whether we are evil or not. Majority of our population consists of humans that want to see a positive change in the world and will do anything to help spread peace. Employees at SeaWorld genuinely care for the