Argumentative Essay On Bullying

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Have you ever been targeted personally by another individual? Perhaps not having your head forced into a toilet, but hurt verbally? Bullying can be quite a serious issue when it comes to this day in age. Bullying can have drastic effects on its victims as the psychological and emotional trauma may follow them throughout their lives, it may also result in death.
The purpose of this study is to find out if bully-victims are bullied and affected more than pure victims in terms of physical and verbal bullying. It is also to figure out why some children become victims and bullies, and others do not.
What I will be discussing about in this essay would be the weaknesses and strengths of each study, the differences and similarities between the two, the implications of five other articles and at the end either support or contradict what was studied.
Bullying is a frequent and recurring aggression in which one or more people
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While in ‘Journal of social and personal relationships’, children were selected from nine classes in three Sheffield middle school with a total of 193 participants’ ages ranging from 8-11 years. The ethnic mix was 28 percent Asian, 54 percent white, 10 percent African/Caribbean and 8 percent others.

The criteria needed in ‘forms of bullying and victimization’ was that participants has to have an active parent consent completed online-based questionnaires in the schools’ computer labs during school hours and an inform consent which will be under the teachers supervision, teachers have been provided with instructions before the collection of data. The items of the questionnaires have been randomly spread across participants. Participants were assured that their answers would be kept confidential and only for research