Argumentative Essay On Cheerleaders

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Entering a high school football game there's the the screaming fans, the kickoff, the cheerleaders the halftime show with its marching band and group of dancers parading on the field. These group of dancers are known as majorettes. Majorettes are usually confused with cheerleading. While both are entertainment during a game ,cheerleaders are the hype men of the school. Cheerleaders could be found at almost every school level across the United States of America. Majorettes are female dancers who choreograph dance movements with light weight batons, and Cheerleaders do more of a 2 in 1 performance having to do stunts dancing and tumbling. During games pep rally's and parades majorettes move rhythmically to the marching band. majorettes also will come out in one season …show more content…
Cheerleaders are skilled in gymnastics. They are also skilled in tumbling, aerobatics and stunts. Cheerleading is now a publicized sport. Many schools often full scholarships for skilled cheerleaders who have excelled in the sport and as well as academically. People value cheerleaders, they are the face of the school. They bring joy and excitement to every event. Cheerleaders engage with the fans often hyping up the mood and rallying the crowd. They encourage the crowd to help cheer and egg the teams on. They often are encouraging the fans to applause during the game. Cheerleaders are often very popular among their peers. They are view as leaders by staff and faculty. Cheerleaders are taught to be young role models for the underclass men.
Majorettes are not as recognized as cheerleaders in and around the school. They are often overlooked. Without the band and their choreographed steps and wand baton they aren't to much involve. Their main focus is to stay on step while leading the marching band into precise and sometimes difficult formations. The term one sound one band refer to a marching band and its majorettes being on one