Argumentative Essay On Child Marriage

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|”Since forever I have learned to say yes to everything. Today I have decided to say NO.” said Nujood Ali, a 10 year old divorced Yemeni girl who has made a big influence and has opened the door to change in the Yemeni culture as well as around the world.

Child marriage is a critical topic that must be tackled by the committee. It is an issue that denies children a proper education and a childhood that is rightfully theirs. Additionally, it limits the children’s opportunities, putting them at jeopardy of violence and abuse on all levels. Likewise, early marriage contributes at time, in deteriorating the health conditions of the young individuals who are exposed to it. The reasons for child marriage are mainly due to the issue of Gender Roles around the world and in many communities where girls are not valued as much as boys and are seen as a burden. Also poverty is
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China continues it’s ongoing effort and its determination to globalize this cause, and strives to success by offering help and solutions to other countries that are dealing with it harshly.

The PRC has succeeded in decreasing the percentage of child marriage by issuing a law that protects children from it. The PRC Constitution openly indicates that the minimum age of marriage is twenty-two for a male and twenty for a female and thus making child marriage illegal. The Constitution also prohibits forced or compensated matchmaking and therefore the consent of both man and woman is at the center of a marriage