Argumentative Essay On Childhood Obesity

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Kayla Powell
Mrs. McDowell
English 112-l41
21 July 2016

Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity. It’s called neglect, such a saddening word. According to studies, seventeen percent of children and adolescents are considered to be obese. Fixing childhood obesity should be more of a main concern than it is today. Its only in the back of your mind, right? Childhood obesity can and will lead up to major health issues as they grow older. Children deserve better. They deserve a better life. Is it the parents? Is it the kids choosing to rebel? Or is it just this sad modern day in time? What role do
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At lunchtime, the children have to eat what the schools are fixing. Some of those foods seem to be disturbing and gross with no nutritional value. If the schools are serving the children empty calories, how are they supposed to live a healthy lifestyle? “In school, they should teach kids how to eat” (Runyan). The author’s statement is very true. The schools should teach the kids how to eat correctly, know the maximum intake for their size and age, know exactly what to eat and what not to eat, and know the exact amount of each food group to eat to maintain a healthy diet. Schools should also keep a time, throughout all of the student’s school careers, to let the kids get out and play. They need a physical education class every year to teach them how to exercise, how to stay fit. Extra-curricular activities should also follow the same guidelines. Being young, one thinks that some exercise can burn off all of the negative calories. But when the children are being fed unhealthy junk foods outside of school, nothing is going to help them. No one ever serves nice nutritional health food at a birthday party, a cook-out, or after school clubs. “It's parents serving up these snacks -- and parents who often resist going against the crowd by being "the health nut" who substitutes fruit and water for Gatorade and doughnuts” (Runyan). Again, back to the