Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Once a man, twice a child is a very common saying!! But as men enjoying life on the earth, how much do we actually know about what’s going on in the atmosphere around us?? Any average Joe, if asked about climate change would be lost for words. So what is climate change?? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.A.) climate change can be defined as major changes in temperature, precipitation, or winds patterns that occur over several decades or longer. There are both natural and human climate forcers that promotes climate change, however it is very lucid that in contemporary society it is mainly as a result of the unprofessional doings of individuals.
Severe changes in the atmosphere started subsequent to the industrial revolution
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Volcanic eruptions, namely, be it a large individual one or multiple small ones, lower the world’s temperature. This is due to the increase in dust particles in the lower atmosphere which will absorb and scatter more of the incoming radiation. This temporarily offsets the greenhouse effect (Waugh 2009). While there are Volcanoes found throughout the Caribbean, they are not one of the natural factors that aid in global warming. This is because most volcanoes have remained dormant for hundreds of years, with the exception of Kick’em Jenny, an oceanic volcano located approximately 8km off Grenada that has erupted eleven (11) times since …show more content…
As there is an inflation of Carbon Dioxide, more heat is able to be trapped in the air. This excess amount of heat makes provision for multiple tropical storms to be formed which eventually develops into hurricanes. The Caribbean is no stranger when it comes to this creation as individuals and society have been critically damaged by them. Hundreds of lives and homes have been lost and some societies have even been sent into a crippling state. In 2004, hurricane Ivan left Grenada devastated as an estimate of 12 persons were killed, over 90% of their home destroyed and hundreds of convicts released due to the destruction of the stone prison (The Guardian, September 9th