Argumentative Essay On Electoral College

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What is the Electoral College. Webster Doctrinal states, “ it is a body of electors, that vote or choose the president and vice president of the United States” It was first put into conception during the writing of the Constitution. Even with Electoral College the guideline has changed as the population of our country has grown. Today we have 538 votes used to be president. States like California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin have the greatest number of Electoral votes. To know who has the greatest number of electoral votes one must look at the population density of a state. Higher populated states have more than less populated ones, but however every state has minimum of at …show more content…
For a country full of 300 million we it is hard just to break down the election into two frontrunners. When we focus on two people we are not actually making the decision that we not willing to choose are own person. Why yes with the Electoral College there are more than just the two forerunners, but their votes means nothing with the Electoral College in place. With the Popular vote there would be a better chance of more than just two forerunner to take their shot at being president. Take a look at the 2016 election. Bernie Sanders had a good following in his run for president. Many democrats were wanting for Bernie Sanders, but because of the Electoral College people have to pick only one person to led their party. With that in mind people just vote for their party other than their canadian that better supports their beliefs. However the two candidates do help undecided votes choose who they want to vote, but when you leave a country full of 300 million to pick between 2 candidates it not leaving much room to free think how they fell. If one looks at Italy for instance they follow by some a lot of the same laws when it comes to voting but unlike use they use a three party system. This led to a more diverse nation that does not just have two parties that dictate how the nation is