Argumentative Essay On Fast Food

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Just think of the Golden fries, Juicy hamburgers, and a ice cold drink that you usually get at the local fast food restaurants. Sadly, Fast food is the worst thing that you can eat.Family who are use to eating at fast food restaurants should rethink what they are putting in their mouths before its to late. Fast food is not something that families should rely to for a meals because It cause many health issues such as Food Poisoning, Heart conditions, and Unhealthy Weight. Food poisoning could happen to anybody. However, it is more likely to get food poisoning if you eat at fast food restaurant. The article written by “Mercola- Take control of your health” states that most fast food restaurants uses Confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) which has been cited with 13 violations of rules meant to prevent dangerous salmonella outbreak. Also They tests 23% positive of salmonella. With that said, Fast food restaurants should not be trusted with the the wellness of the food …show more content…
Well Its true. Obesity is of the biggest outcome to eating fast food. In the article that was on News: Medical life science written by Dr. Anaya Mandal, MD Staes that studies have shown that over the past four decades, consumption of food eaten away from food has risen alarmingly. With the statement there is a known fact that eating out may lead to excess calorie intake. With the easy access to fast food it is easier to get a quick. bite to eat unfortunately make it more likely to become obese, Obesity is linked to serval long term health conditions, premature death and illness including Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, fatty liver, arthritis and joint disorders and some cases cancer. With Those facts it would be a smart choice to cut out the daily runs to the nearest fast food