Argumentative Essay On Forest Gump

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Forest Gump is viewed by many as an outstanding movie. Some might say it is one of the best movies in this century, but some also say it is quite a let down. The movie brought a lot of attention with it, but it was not all good. Although the movie and book Forest Gump was thought of by many to be phenomenal, many critics find that it was quite contradictory and mocking. Judith P. Zinsser a professor at the University of Miami states, “see the characters as stereotypes playing out a simplistic, anti-intellectual fantasy that mocks our educational, political and entrepreneurial processes and institutions.” (91). I disagree with this statement. I find that Forest Gump was not meant to be taken as literal as Zinsser took it. She looks at it as mocking, and if the author, Winston Groom, meant what he was writing in a literal way then I would agree with her. In my opinion though, I believe Groom had other intentions. When I look at the story I see an underlying theme of striving to achieve what you want. Groom didn’t want to mock anything. He wanted to show the fearless pursuit of …show more content…
Zinsser writes, “Just how does ‘you make your own destiny, Forrest’ reconcile with the serendipitous nature of ‘Life is just a box of chocolates’?” (91). I believe that these two are quite relative to each other. To me “you make your own destiny, Forrest” is talking about if you want something; then you have to go out and get it. I feel like this goes along with “life is just a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” They are quite relatable. You never know what you are going to get in life. If you get something bad, then go make your own destiny and push through what life has given you. That is why I believe Groom put both of those quotes in the story for a reason. I do not find them contradicting whatsoever. I think that Groom was trying to send a message to his viewers, and in my opinion he did a very good job at