Argumentative Essay On Free College In The United States

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The debate on free college in the United States has been a very common and popular argument in the past decade; making arguments between politicians and college students very long and never ending. Of course, college students would want for college’s to become free because then any child or adult would be able to go to school under admission requirements; although the government opposes the idea of free college because the United States couldn’t afford to make college free. Recent politicians that are running for president, such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are for making U.S. College’s free to increase the amount of students nationwide across campuses. Stillman College, the historically Black educational institution in Tuscaloosa, …show more content…
Most high school graduates aren’t granted with family wealth and scholarships as most college freshman are. Starting a free college program would be a major investment and pro in enabling these students to be able to attend a four year college or university regardless of family or personal financial state. "You should be able to go to school without going into the proverbial poorhouse," Dr. Millet said (Stillman). As this statement is true, anyone should be able to attend college for free and shouldn’t go completely bankrupt to do it, because a college degree is the only way to be successful in the world now. Starting this program could also hurt colleges and in a way, as such that if students did not come to their selected college and advance in their studies, money would be wasted on that student. To most high school students if college was free; many students would not take college seriously, because they would not be losing anything of significance such as money. As in regards to the issue of a free college program, everyone has to remember that college is for those people that actually care for their education. College is an option that students can take or leave behind for those students who want to advance their education further, and it will be worth every penny to them. College to some is considered a privilege, not a