Argumentative Essay On Gene Enhancement

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This paper will explore the benefits of using genetic engineering to develop future children, more specifically, utilizing gene therapy as a form of intervention. Furthermore, this paper will argue the proper usage of gene therapy and the banning of gene enhancement as a plausible form of treatment. In a broader perspective, gene therapy and gene enhancement differ greatly in regards to the overall purpose and intentions. To distinguish between the two, gene enhancement aims to override the biological and genetic constrains imposed on humans by evolution (Savulescu, 218). Moreover, the objective of enhancement is to change and improve the function of a bodily system (Savulescu, 222). On the other hand, gene therapy aims to correct or prevent diseases through altering genetic materials of an individual (Chadwick, 207). Therefore, the intention of enhancement is to progress one’s abilities and performance, while therapy tries to medically treat illnesses mostly caused by genetic mutations. Others may argue that genetic enhancement is similar to genetic therapy because both can be used to treat diseases. Enhancement may be used as prevention in acquiring a certain genetic disease, while therapy is the treatment to alleviate the symptoms or even cure the disease (Savulescu, 225). However, enhancement’s …show more content…
An example is deaf parents wanting a deaf child; this deprives the child of his or her autonomy regardless of a positive result with the parents’ choice of selecting for a deaf gene. Furthermore, deafness or blindness is a permanent choice in which it poses a violation of non-maleficence because it can have a negative effect on the child (Rulli, 10/01). Although there is a chance they want to be immersed in their culture, there is still a possibility of the opposite (Rulli, 11/07). Lastly, it gives parents too much power and control over the future of the