Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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The United States is home to many freedoms, hence why it is called the land of the free. Rights guaranteed to its citizens to speak freely about politics and religion, along with the right to choose a religion or none at all. The citizens of the United States are also guaranteed, through the bill of rights, the rights to own guns. But how much freedom is too much? Recent presidential debates have brought up this question many of times; The United states is the land of the free but should the land of the free also have its limitations? Current discussion over gun control is splattered all over the news with congress trying to pass new laws over the purchase of firearms. To purchase a firearm is simple, the consumer brings in a valid identification and the seller of said firearm runs a background check and if everything checks out, the gun is handed over. No questions asked. The issue at hand is, will a background check be enough? A background check does not measure the mental stability of a person purchasing a firearm. Recent presidential campaigns have the issue of guns swirling around the media; Gun control vs no gun control. Some believe that the second amendment should be left untouched. “The Second Amendment …show more content…
“Passing common-sense gun safety legislation – including expanding background checks…to reduce gun violence,” (White House) This would help reduce the amount of unqualified people to purchase a gun “…without infringing on anyone’s Second Amendment rights.” (Id.)

Why are these acts just talking about guns and not other weapons? Well, studies published by the Bureau of Justice show that homicides by handguns are by far the number one choice of weapon for crime in every aspect. From arguments to gang violence handguns are by far the number one used weapon. Handguns are also the weapon of choice for homicides committed against teens and young adults and are also used most in suicides.