Argumentative Essay On Gun Culture

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A symbol is an object or idea that represents something other than itself. In America a gun takes on many symbols: freedom, history, liberty, manhood, safety, and irresponsible violence. Throughout U.S. history, guns were a source of protection for citizens as classes and groups were frequently battling. Thus, guns have taken on the symbol of being strong and safe from dangerous people. These articles discuss how gun culture has changed from the time of the Second Amendment to today; now gun control is surrounded by a world of controversy as guns have been involved in many treacherous massacres. Advocates of stricter gun control face challenges from opponents that believe guns are a way to stay protected in situations, such as the latest massacre in Las Vegas, or they simply believe it is their right to own a gun regardless of its effect on others. These two sides see guns as two very different symbols, one of destruction and violence, the other as freedom, safety, and strength. The articles continue to explain the …show more content…
The National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbies for lesser gun control, by funding millions of dollars to politicians for them to oppose gun control measures. This creates a two-dimensional view of power, as the NRA is agenda setting what Congress and politicians discuss and advocate for during meetings and public discussions. Another barrier gun culture faces are whether guns truly make people safer or if they just provide greater opportunity for someone to be injured. Many people also are confronted with a third-dimensional view of power, which is when a power group/individual convinces those of lesser power to internalize and believe the ideas that support the powerful; the NRA also executes the third dimensional view by invoking its beliefs onto politicians and candidates to the point where these people believe that they should be pro-gun and advocating for less