Argumentative Essay On Gun Free Zone

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The usage of gun free zones is a widely debated topic that splits our nation into two groups that are quite hostile towards each other. On one side of the fence are those who want gun free zones to be illegal and banned from being used on public property. These views are most frequently held by the Republican party as they, for the most part, fight for less restrictive gun control laws. Those that believe this use arguments with the premises that gun free zones create a target for criminals, are more dangerous and cause a sense of insecurity. On the other side are those that believe gun free zones should be used more readily throughout the country. Democrats are usually the main proponent of this viewpoint with many running on campaigns that promise strict protective gun laws. This side of the debate uses arguments with premises that are basically the exact opposite of the other sides’ premises. They state that gun free zones make their visitors feel safer, deter criminals and creates an overall safer space. As you read this essay you will learn how this …show more content…
In 1990 a law called the Gun-Free School Zone Act prohibited the possession of guns on school property. This law has since been changed and had provisions added to it that have allowed individual states to sculpt how they wish these gun free zones to work. Now there are 18 states that allow teachers and staff to carry firearms on the school property (Johnson). There have also been attempts to repeal the law and have it replaced with other less strict laws that have failed to be passed (H.R. 2613). In other places like banks and stores that sell alcohol, there is one state that makes banks gun free zones, Montana and one that makes liquor stores gun-free zones, Louisiana(“Interesting Fact”). So with such weak laws, this debate must continue on to fight for stronger stricter laws that will create more gun free