Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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No Safety Without Protection Most people’s answer to gun violence is to create stricter gun laws or to ban guns. However, this is not be the right way to go about it. The stopping of gun violence is never going to happen. It won’t. There is no way to completely stop gun violence. It will always be there. Nonetheless it is out of control. The right to bear arms is a necessary constitutional amendment. It is a right that citizens of any country should have. It is there to protect people against both the government and those intending to do harm. Two-thirds gun deaths are suicides, laws aren’t going to solve all our problems, and we should all be able to protect ourselves. What people don’t understand is that they think all gun deaths are homicide. Well, they’re not. They are suicide. According to, Injury Prevention & Control, “Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of firearm deaths in the U.S. are suicides.” And although people may say if their wasn’t a gun they wouldn’t commit suicide. They would find another way. Restricting guns won’t help that. Suicide will happen with or without guns. …show more content…
People rely on only the law to protect them, when they can be stopping it by just paying attention to the people around. This can start by being aware of social media posts, a sudden mood change, and other disturbing signs. “Not all problems can be solved with government action, and if government action is required, any federal action, including executive orders, should be consistent with our federal system of government, respect for state sovereignty, and the separation of powers.”(Greenhaven Press) There could be a lot of different ways to solve the gun issues without relying on only government