Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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Guns are not the only problem or the solution

Recent high profile public shootings have focused attention, on how the government of the United States of America can better protect its citizens from firearm violence. This debate has been primarily about what type of weapons citizens should be allowed to own and how these weapons should be registered. But broader questions should be posed first: When did guns become an acceptable an answer to problems and how much of the gun violence
While guns have been around since the 15ths century as a part of war, I believe the problem with gun violence in our society is much more related to entertainment media and the societies acceptance of common usage And finally the devastating impact of inadequate
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One in four Americans will need mental health services, but n the United States more time and money goes into teaching a child how to shoot a basketball then teaching them to live happy lives. (CBHC, Dr. Clayton Ladd). Without a healthy ability to cope and ask for help humans can reach a state where violence becomes their solution to handling life’s problems. The first step to providing comprehensive mental health support for Americans is de-stigmatizing mental health care. It has been said that if alleged Aurora theater shooter, James Holmes was black his horrific act would have been seen as gang violence and that if had been middle-eastern it would have been reported as terrorism but because he was white, mental health issues were assumed. The fact is that Holmes was seeking mental health treatment before the shooting occurred. Unfortunately it was too late by the time he sought help. Seeking mental health treatment is portrayed as only appropriate for a person who has something wrong with them rather than a mechanism for dealing with life’s struggles. The pressure for some high school students to maintain a 4.0, volunteer, play sports, and lead clubs on top of social struggles can be enough to cause a major breakdown. Politicians, celebrities and the media need to be talking regularly about the importance of asking for help with mental health