Argumentative Essay On Homeless Veterans

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Veterans are people who have served in the military, protecting and defending the freedoms we enjoy. Yet some veterans find themselves fighting another battle. Returning home to find they have limited job opportunities brought on by a slow economy can be disconcerting (Volunteers of America Southeast). When service members return home, they are not the same. Homeless veterans have been engaged in conflicts around the world, which have contributed to post-traumatic stress disorder. They have been subjected to things which most people would never wish to see. They have been let down by the system which they defend. Nevertheless, the Veteran’s Administration must make sure these men and women will never be homeless. This will be best achieved through working together with the communities. Society can help homeless veterans through …show more content…
A couple of ways citizens may help homeless veterans are finding out more about their communities need and find other people interested in making a change. Active participation, such as volunteering to help improve different aspects of the community by being informed about or attending meetings which will involve changes for the community. Seeking out the issues one’s community may be dealing with and initiating a plan to improve the situation, such as homelessness. Educating communities about the issues veterans face will create a better understanding as to what actions are needed to improve their conditions. Donating to local homeless veteran service providers can also help if you are not able to volunteer your time. Following up with local elected officials will keep the issue in front to let officials know this is an important issue within the community (National Coalition for Homeless Veterans). Through these changes, citizens will take pride in their work to better the community and inspire other communities to do the