Argumentative Essay On Human Cloning

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Cloning Synthesis Essay
The American Heritage Dictionary's defines individualism as the “belief in the primary importance of the individual and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence.” With this in mind, individualism is a concept promised to all humans by the United States Constitution as well as being the foundation that the document and the nation were built upon. However, with constant scientific threats of cloning humans, these rights and liberties that have been promised to all humans for centuries could be at stake. While the idea of producing a successfully cloned human may be appealing to scientist and researchers, one would think that these people would know when they’re stepping over their boundaries, and that while cloning an animal is one thing cloning a human is on a completely different spectrum. Despite this, scientists have been attempting to clone since the late 1930s, and have successfully cloned numerous animals throughout the years; the information discovered in this innovative research has spiraled a plethora of ideas to come within the field. Although cloning can be seen in a very positive light when it comes to producing animals for research among other reasons, the disadvantages come hand in hand with the advantages and showcase how cloning can corrupt society and strip humans of an umpteen number of rights and liberties once promised to them.
To begin with, the process of artificial cloning is derived from one of three methods, gene cloning, reproductive cloning
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The topic of somatic cell nuclear cloning has been seen as a constant throughout a cluster of sources. Tian described this as a specific type of cloning in which the nucleus of the somatic cell is taken and directly “transferred into [the] enucleated metaphase-II oocyte” of a cell for the creation of a new individual. The