Argumentative Essay On Islamophobia

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On the other hand, from a cultural point of view, the Muslim Ummahcan be referred to the Islamic civilization, which is not including the non-Muslims residing in that civilization. The image below is a good indicator of the World Muslim population by percentage and it carefully highlights the corresponding countries in various shades of greens.
Islam – or in this context – the Muslim world has undergone a great deal of change over the duration of history. If one were to trace down the Islamic History, you would find hundreds and thousands of stories dwelling on the strength and courage that the Muslims bore as fighters, soldiers and protectors. But, the difference is that back then, they were fighting to retain and preserve their faith and
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Following this tragic incident, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report in 2000 and 2001 stated 1700% increase in hate crimes against Muslim Americans.
Americans present before the bouts on September 11. This may narrate to Islam as recurrently represented by the media as fundamentally intolerant and violent. All this has given rise to hatred and negative connotations against Muslims. This is a phenomenon normally known as “Islamophobia”. Sometimes it is used in reference to the anti-Muslim connaissance for the prejudice against Islam, followed by the hatred or fear towards Islam as this term was commonly used English from 1997.
A report published by the Runnymede Trust was condemning the use of negative emotions like fear, hatred, and dread pointing Islam or the Muslims. This can be considered as a Long-Term Perspective. Even this is a widely used common term, still the terms and the concept are frequently criticized. It should not be a surprise for you as Islamophobia is a concept that advanced from narrow-minded people. This is for the ones who lack education. This is also for the ones who lacked the effort of educating themselves on the tragedies that take place in the daily world around