Argumentative Essay On Japanese Internment Camps

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During WWII, mostly all countries went to war, since the Germans were consuming many victims’ lands during Hitler’s commands. But, the Germans were the only ones who were keeping people in concentration camps. About a month after when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese pilots, many Americans felt threatened by the Japanese Americans living in the U.S. So they decided to round up all the Japanese citizens and put them in an interment. The Americans were unfair to the Japanese Americans in various ways, to those who had no corporation with the attack on Pearl Harbor. The reason for moving the Japanese Americans was unreasonable and injustice due to the outcomes of this case. President Roosevelt was being pressured to do something against the Japanese after the event of Pearl Harbor, so he signed Executive Order 9066. According to Landmark Cases, General DeWitt was recommending the President to sign it. He …show more content…
Even though they had schools, laundry rooms, camp jobs, and medical care, it was still unpleasant. President Roosevelt has told that these people will get the necessary support and items, but the Japanese has suffered various conditions at the internment. They weren’t payed enough when they have worked in the camps. The air conditioning was terrible during the summer and winter time. They may feel that they were prisoners, since the government had placed fences “with barbered wire and guarded by armed soldiers” (Essay: Relocation and Incarceration of Japanese Americans During World War II). Various people had issues with their health that even some have died. Even though they eventually were released, they still faced difficulty. Starting a new life, “they covered their sense of loss and betrayal with the Japanese phase Shikata ga nai- It can’t be helped” (Frail). Some Japanese decided to go back to their homeland, since facing all this was too