Argumentative Essay On Japanese Internment

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On December 7,1941, the Japanese government attacked Pearl Harbor and crippled the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet, leaving behind a flurry of fear and panic in many American family’s hearts. Because of the Japanese’s surprise attack, President Franklin Roosevelt immediately declared war on the Japanese and later signed the Executive Order 9066, which authorized the relocation of Japanese Americans into secluded areas away from key U.S. defense plants and the public. Though many argue the U.S. internment of Japanese Americans was reasonable, it was not. The Internment of the Japanese people represented a disgraceful period in American history wherein pure prejudice and wartime hysteria led a campaign that stripped the Japanese people of their civil liberties and pride.
To begin with, racism was the real motivation for the internment of the Japanese Americans. Hostility and
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military personnel who served during the war” ; Patrons of World War II also recalled having to “ration food and gasoline” (Morelock, P.5). Though the military service members experienced awful combat theaters, their conditions were far less severe than what internees endured. Unlike the military officials, whom had warm clothing, “those relocated were not able to bring warm clothing to withstand the below zero weather and their barracks-like quarters were non-insulated, tar paper covered wooden facilities” (Morelock, P.12). The internees knew that they needed to stand by without raising any objections to their internment because it was vital in proving their loyalty to