Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Immigration

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Looking at how far our county has evolved we as citizens must aid our country accomplish more progress. In order to establish equality amongst our nation, we need to provide illegal immigrants the chance for legalization. The policy regarding a pathway for citizenship to those who are employed or attend school is the preeminent policy. This policy will ensure fairness, will not negatively affect families from deportation, and will improve our economy.
For instance, a pathway to gain citizenship through employment or attending school is the best policy for legalization of immigrants because it is fair for anyone who desires to be a citizen as long as they are willing to work for it. This policy is reinforced by an article titled Council on Foreign Affairs Recommendations written by the Council on Reign Relations chaired by Jeb Bush. According to the author, “The DREAM Act, reintroduced in the 11th Congress, provides the right model by requiring that young people without status who wish to remain in the United States must attend college or perform military service and demonstrate good moral character in order to earn their eligibility for permanent residence.” In other words, this act favors hard working adults who are pursuing their
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This policy will assist our country as a whole because our country already suffers from a huge debt of 17 trillion dollars. This policy is supported by an article titled Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Has Economic Benefit written by Bloomberg News. According to the author, “That includes $1.2 trillion in additional consumption and $256 billion in investment as immigrants buy houses and start business.” This shows how foolish it would be for our country to stop allowing immigrants migrating here because they will financially support us. This piece of evidence supports the pathway policy because it's demonstrating the convenience and value to legalize