Argumentative Essay On Lemonade

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Lemonade is an entire album of emotional discord and marital meltdown, from the world's most famous celebrity; it's also a major personal statement from the most respected and creative artist in the pop game. All over these songs, she rolls through heartbreak and betrayal and infidelity and the hangover that follows "Drunk In Love." Yet despite all the rage and pain in the music, she makes it all seem affirming, just another chapter in the gospel according to Beyoncé.
You may have heard that Beyoncé put out an album about her husband, Jay Z. You heard wrong: Lemonade is about one person, and that person’s name is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. The famously guarded pop queen pours all of herself into her remarkable sixth album, a raw and intensely personal plunge into the heart of marital darkness. The visual aspect of the album shows an emotional side of Beyonce that her fans have never seen before. She’s seen tearfully committing suicide, smashing things up with a baseball bat, destroying cars by driving over them in a monster truck and throwing her wedding ring at the camera, as well as reciting the poetry of Warsan Shire.Of course, many will still obsess over what it was Jay Z did and with whom. If you want to spend your time speculating, cool; but Beyoncé’s not thinking about that. She’s too busy putting out her
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Each song moves through her courses of grief, from the acceptance and anger to the pillar of strength. “Sorry” is particularly ear worming, but the song does so much, showing how emotions can shift in the blink of an eye. Act 2 begins with “6 Inch,” in this act, ending in “Sand Castles,” Beyonce finds a way to work through the broken promises of her younger self and then reclaim redemption. The third act crescendo’s with the James Blake assisted “Forward”. The reconciliation is complete on “All Night,” for now. It is both album and manifesto, and illustrates the true power of