Argumentative Essay On Media Bias

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Hidden truths are difficult to uncover due to the fact that media has become biased and emphasizes on one particular point of view. Bias in the media occurs when a group of people lean to one side such as right (conservative) or left (liberal) and agrees with everything that is being said without questioning. Different media sources are presenting biased information based on one’s own opinions or political beliefs instead of providing news that is all sided. There are currently 6 main news sources that people rely on to have the most up to date and truthful news; Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC news. There are many important current events going on and are all told in different ways by different news stations based on preference views. Although …show more content…
When acting bias, one will only let people see a certain part of a story and claim that that’s the only truth and every other side is wrong. Just because someone is biased doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s always being negative simply just proving their own point. However, people can sometimes be negative towards other’s beliefs and claim that there’s only one side to every story told. When one is being biased, that person doesn’t believe in anything else but what one has been taught. For instance, if someone is telling a story on the news and the person watching believes in something totally different the audience wouldn’t even bother finishing watching and instead watch someone else who believes in the same thing. Usually when someone disagrees with another person, people are automatically treated different for just political opinions. In John Stossel’s online video, “Political Bias in the Ivory Tower of Academia” it is proven that even the prestigious college, Duke, leans towards a certain side. Duke basically calls Republicans morons and statistics prove that most hirings made are liberal people. This shows that literally anyone can be biased in some ways, even the people that are supposed to be professionals. Even on the media many people are being bashed for believing in an unpopular