Argumentative Essay On Michael Brown

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This stereotype holds true today, for many unarmed and harmless African American boys are shot by the police out of allegations and racism. African American men, such as Michael Brown, are often targeted for having the appearance of a troublemaker. Such allegations based on appearance and not factual evidence is posterous; yet, cases such as Brown’s is a widespread issue amongst minority races. Furthermore, in the case of Michael Brown, he was murdered due to stealing cigars. A crime, but a less severe crime that does not justify his death. On top of that, the majority white jury did not indict the officer; leaving the officer with not many consequences or repercussions after the incident. Moreover, Bigger also talks about how if his circumstances …show more content…
However, current events are displaying quite the opposite mindset. In summary, there is a lack of minority representation when it comes to race, which can be seen when observing, environmental issues, the standards of beauty, and the justice system. To solve the environmental issue, it is important to educate minorities on the issue, for people who are less represented include people who are less educated (Williamson, Scicchitano 586). The more residents who are aware of environmental racism, the more likely safer alternatives to harsh chemicals and equal distribution of risk will be discussed. Addressing the standards of beauty, society needs to be open minded when considering what is attractive, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As far as the justice system, there should be more diversity within the jury, just consequences fit for the crime, as well as unbiased decisions made in court. All in all, race continues to be a downfall amongst minorities lives despite the inevitably, for the race one was born is not a choice that can be made. Therefore, race should not be a justifiable reason to lessen the amount of rights and opportunity those considered a minority race can