Argumentative Essay On Migrant Workers

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Throughout the history of the U.S. people from other countries have been brought over to work in our fields and sometimes they are brought against their will. (Farm Workers) Migrant workers are mainly undocumented workers that have been given temporary work visas to come to the US from their homeland who are in need of work. Migrant workers that are brought over to the U.S. to work have a strong work ethic, solid farming skills and a lot of experience. According to Extension migrant workers are mostly Mexican-born sons, husbands, fathers and vice versa who leave what they know and are comfortable with so they can make enough money to support their families back home; feed themselves; purchase land and a home. (González, Jr.)
Migrant workers are a huge part of the food
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Tomato pickers are one of the most underpaid workers in the US. According to the SPL Center, a scholar said: "Seasonal farmworkers are the poorest laborers in the United States, earning an average of $6500 per year. Farmworkers who migrate are poorer than settled seasonal laborers, with migrants earning $5,000 per year. The most vulnerable migrant workers, such as those laboring for farm labor contractors in eastern states, earn annual wages as low as $3500." (Migrant Tomato...8) With as little as they get they always send half to their family which ends up leaving them with less and are even poorer than they were before. For the long hours they work the amount they do make is incredibly low. In a post in The New York times a woman named Angelina Velasquez talks about how she had to be at a parking lot at 5 each morning to be picked by a crew leader and to not only arrive at the tomato fields at 6, where she worked, she had to wait until 10 a.m. to clock in. (Greenhouse) All the while this woman and other workers like her waited to clock in they had to be there extra early and not even be paid until 10 in the