Argumentative Essay On Puppy Mills

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Puppy Mills
How would you feel if that brand new puppy you bought from the local pet shop came from a facility that was unsanitary and neglected the parents and family of that puppy? You probably wouldn’t buy that puppy if you knew what it and its parents had to go through to get there. Puppy mills are legal large scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit is the main objective rather than the well-being of the animals (ASPCA, n.d.). If a family is looking for a new member of the family, the first and only option they should consider is adoption. Purchasing a dog from a pet shop only supports the cruel and inhumane practices of puppy mills.
Since the only objective of puppy mill facilities is profit, they health and well-being of the dogs are not taken into account. Conditions in puppy mills are often overcrowded and unsanitary. Dogs are kept in wired caged often stacked on top of each other making it very dangerous. Paws and legs of the dogs are often injured because of the sharp wires and cheap structure. There is also a lack of adequate veterinary care for the animals, making the spread of disease and health problems very common within these puppy mills
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Because of all of the efforts that are being put into making puppy mills illegal, I believe that they will be banned in the near future. Most people find the conditions of a puppy mill to be shocking and inhumane, and more and more are doing what they can to stop the support of them. Because the American system is based on the open market, puppy mills are driven by individuals with the desire to buy puppies. Puppy mills essentially would not exist if there wasn’t a high demand for dogs as pets. This is what makes puppy mills a legitimate corporation and explains why they have yet to become