Argumentative Essay On Standardized Testing

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Gabriela Medina
Mrs. Alvarado
9 February 2015
Inadequate Testing
There are thousands of problems in this world that need to be resolved. The way students are taught gives a major impact later on in their futures. It helps students learn what college is like and what is in store in the future. Though Standardized testing was instated so that no child would be academically left behind, it has instead obstructed students.
Limitations resulting from standardized testing are that the state standards have dropped. This has resulted in more students passing, it may seem like a good thing but state standards are different in other states. Parents do not truly know if you passed with a high grade or if you were at the brink of failing. A students’ result may also vary depending on the condition as to when they end up taking the test. Some of the state standards also can’t differentiate what’s important or what students need to learn (Fair Test 18). A reason schools lower their standards is so that they do not have to deal with the consequences that result from having failing students. These students can now pass test by getting fifty or sixty percent. If they
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They are unfair for Hispanics, African Americans, or non-English speaking students. These students are learning english trying to comprehend it and use it on a day to day basis. They do not have the proper skills to be able to take the standardized test as people born speaking english. They have a lot of pressure that may lead to dropping out of school. African Americans have also suffered because of standardized testing. Seventy-five percent of African Americans failed the math test and seventy-nine percent failed reading when you compare these numbers to whites it is much higher (Berlak 31). The passing standards for the test are low but that does not necessarily help Hispanics, African Americans, or non-English speaking