Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy is an unfortunate assurance among the youths of a society which can be very humiliating, frustrating and demoralizing, due to the circumstances which may befall them having to deal with eventualities that they are unprepared to handle. Generally, they are stigmatized by society as being foolish, unwise, and even reckless. They are one who through their demise or downfall is resilient enough to get back to their original extreme and dream.

It was the begging of my summer vacation when everyone was geared toward attending our school pre plan function. On that day we all arrived at different time at the venue. As the crowd grows, excitement and activities increases. While interacting with each other, attention
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I was continuously discouraged from continuing the relationship, but I have been determined not to give in. Subsequently, I notices symptoms as that of a pregnant person. (Vomiting, being sensitive to certain food, sleepiness, morning sickness etc.) Begin curious I visited the doctor with a doubt that I am pregnant and also a fear that I am, sadly so I was. I felt that I had made the greatest mistake in my life. Crazy taught running through my mind. Thinking to myself what am I going to do with a baby at sixteen? What is my option? Should I carry? Abortion? Or adoption? Is this real? From that time on I kept it a secret form him to give time to strengthen our relationship. Eventually the symptoms became too obvious to hide, so I told him then my parents of my pregnancy. This was my greatest night mare informing both parties. My boyfriend was in disbelief, he began shying away, making unpleasant and foolish remarks.” how this happen?” how long ago?” Are you sure?” “well ,aaaaa, will talk later am busy.” was his responds …show more content…
I was treated like an outcast, no longer treated like a daughter, but now treated like an adult on my own. I will wake at mornings and all I see is vexation in the eyes of my patent each time they look at me. My clothes which were once wash was set aside. Food remain if there were any left over .I was living with my parent, but I was as lonely like a bird in a tree. My burden was heavy and my sorrow was great, I was hurt very badly when I saw all my friends going to school to get their education while I was sitting home being pregnant. I felt like my life and world has stopped. Being so depressed in my frustration due to the lack social and financial support I was not able to maintain myself. I live my life for months through this sufferartion , . I feel worthless sometimes suicidal. It was so overbearing I had to find my way out of this predicament. A brief time later I took the initiative and visit an organization to address my situation. After doing all that was necessary, I was enrolled into a system where I was supported socially and financially. I also had the privilege to attend a learning institution where pregnancy was