Argumentative Essay On The Army Profession

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Argumentative Essay on Army Ethic: The Most Important Piece of the Army Profession The US Army routinely publishes doctrine and manuals for prosecuting our country’s wars and policy. Fortune 500 companies also publish manuals and training tools in order to educate their workforce and encourage uniformity. However, the US Army may be both the largest and only organization who publishes manuals for how to define ideals, values, and traditions. ADRP 1 “The Army Profession” goes to great lengths to define the characteristics necessary to allow the Army to be viewed as a Profession. I believe the most important chapter of ADRP 1 to Captains in the US Army is Chapter 2, Army Ethic. The Army Ethic can be referenced in the application of UCMJ authority, opinion of fellow Americans, and civilian-military relationship.
According to a former Secretary of the Army, “The Army Ethic has to be one shared professional ethic that informs and inspires all members of the Army Profession—both uniformed and Civilian—to motivate and guide decisions and actions to be trusted Army Professionals” (Secretary of the Army, 2015, p.2-1) These words illustrate the immense amount of power and responsibility that leaders in the US Army employ. Captain in the Army is usually the first rank where one
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Shortcomings aside, I believe most of the argument made about the precarious state of civilian-military relations could be rectified with reference to principles and values codified in the Army Ethic. The author’s reference to dishonorable action and perpetuation of failed policies and procedures would be impossible if the offenders truly “bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution,” articulated clearly in the Army value of loyalty, codified in the Army Ethic, and which all uniformed and civilian personnel swore an