Argumentative Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is the most effective and deterrent (低特rent) punishment for those criminals that should be convicted (肯---) to the death. I believe most of the criminals don’t really care about their consequences of committing a crime because their countries don’t have the death penalty. Most studies of the death penalty are reported that the execution has an impact on the incidence of crimes. For instance, a federal communication commission economist (E con 呢 miss)names Paul Zimmerman, who used 50 states crime statistics(s忑 tIi s tEe 可) to support his death penalty study. As a result of this study, the execution of the death penalty has been reducing approximately 14 murders every year. Most criminals don’t feel the sense of crisis …show more content…
Two years ago, the adult correctional serves cost over 4.6 billion dollars in Canada (Government of Canada Statistics Canada). 4.6 billion dollar It is a big amount of money. As the number of prisoners increases, the more money they might need to spend in strengthen defense in prisons, food, and clothes. Prisons also have a big issue that will cost a lot of money. A prison is a place where people most likely to get diseases. An unclean, crowded, and small space. Prisoners often live in a crowded place because prisons don’t have enough place for a huge number of prisoners, so they have higher chances to have diseases. In European, there are 81 times higher on diseases infection in prisons, which need high costs to prevent and treat those prisoners with diseases (Penal Reform International). Why don’t the government spend this money on improving the environment and communities? Imagine the government spends more money on improving the environment and communities education, transportation, and welfare. I believe the quality of life will be better, so the most sinful criminals like torture and kill people for fun should sentence to death instead of waste money in prisons. The death penalty can is a threat to criminals and helps to reduce the unnecessary