Argumentative Essay On The Dust Bowl

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Everyone knows or has heard about the Dust Bowl, but does anyone really know the true causes? The Dust Bowl is such a argumentative topic. Many historians or individuals question this hard time in our history that appeared in the 1903’s. The Dust Bowl was a time of despair because of the damaged crops and soil. It made living a tremendous struggle. How were people supposed to make a living anymore? Prior to the Dust Bowl the Great Plains region was known for its rich fertile soil which made for magnificent farming land. Many individuals during the Dust Bowl left their homes and traveled West in search of jobs. Some historians or individuals that have debated this topic are: Donald Worster, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, and Timothy Egan. These three people have all wrote books on their views of the Dust Bowl and how they interrupted it.

Donald Worster is a
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We speak of farmers and plows on the plains and the damage they did, but the language is inadequate. What brought them to the region was a social system, a set of values, an economic order...Capitalism, it is my contention, has been decisive in this nation's use of nature." “Worster underlines three ecological tenets which he believes lay at the center of the capitalist vision of nature: nature must be seen as capital, man has a right, even an obligation, to use this capital for constant self-advancement, and the social order should permit and encourage this continual increase of personal wealth.” Worster says, “the Dust Bowl was the inevitable outcome of a culture that deliberately and self-consciously set itself the task of dominating and exploiting the land for all it was worth.” Worster suggests that the causes of the Dust Bowl, like those of the Depression, lay in America’s economic institutions and