Argumentative Essay On Undocumented Immigrants

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Put yourself in an undocumented immigrant shoe’s would you want to be taken away,all of the hard work you took to get here or having your parents taken away or your loved ones imagine that happening to you. Many people suffer from this the process is called deportation is something that happens to the immigrants that are undocumented. Many people go across the borders to get better jobs or choices and those chances get taken away because of deportation.Immigrants do help us even if you do not see that and see no point of having them you are wrong. They help improve our economy,they also have jobs that chances are U.S citizens don’t want, but if you do not see that, that will cause a breaking of their families.
One important reason that Undocumented
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Michelle Chen, The nation,2016. As Chen has made clear, “Undocumented immigrants contribute about $11.6 billion to the economy annually, including $7 billion in sales and excise taxes and $3.6 billion dollars in property taxes.What Michelle is saying here is that the undocumented immigrants actually help us and gives our economy billions of dollars a year which is helpful. They do this by paying property taxes,excise taxes and also in sales taxes, which is a part of our money.of course it’s possible to disagree with the view that Immigrants can improve the economy and instead argue that by undocumented immigrants staying here it will cost us a lot of money but this argument is flawed. However, the weight of the evidence is on the other side. What must be remembered is that if we send all the undocumented immigrants back we will lose more money from our economy. The reason is that sending them back to their home country cost a lot of money since they need to provide the food. Then we are going to lose more and more money after that since all the money they normally produce, and give us will be gone since they won’t be here. This is fundamentally why undocumented immigrants help our