Argumentative Essay On War On Drugs

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The war on drugs has been a problem facing America sense the early 1900s. There have been countless debates over whether these substances should be legal or illegal. Currently they are illegal and will remain illegal for a while. America allow these drugs to imprison our citizens instead of provide help where it is needed. Who are the real people that are profiting off these drugs? Will America forever be fighting a war with drugs?
The current lessons of the War on Drugs, first method is through the use of prevention intervention. This is based on preventing people to turn to drugs when they feel the need to. Instead of trying to get high and not thinking about the tough situation use other tactics to get through it. The goal of prevention is to basically educated individual on better ways to deal with stress other than turning to drugs. Drugs will not make the situation any better it will jus delayed the time until you have to deal with the situation. The second method is called treatment. Treatment allows people to get help when the use of drugs or alcohol becomes overly used. Programs are put in place to help people cope with their problems. Treatment acts as a rehab center for adults to get back on track. The third strategy is enforcement which has come under heavy fire. We enforce the law about these drugs by
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America has the highest incarceration rate in the world today. More and more prison and being built every year to suppress the amount of overpopulation in every prison. Drug related crimes are a result of the war on drugs in America. Drug related crimes include trafficking, homicides, and distribution. These crimes carry very harsh sentences if found guilty of any of them. People always ask how this can be the land of the free with such a high incarceration rate. Recently this has been a problem and congress is currently having the sentencing guidelines under