Argumentative Essay: Ritual Cannibalism In Australia

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I do not support the Norwegian and Japanese positions on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural expression, if we as a global community were to allow all kinds of behavioral conducts on the sole basis of cultural expression and tradition we would still have a slave based economy in southern states of US and apartheid in South Africa. Or we we’ll be ok with aboriginal tribes hunting and consuming humans as game for the sake of preserving cultural heritage and “traditional” ways of life as it happened in Australia. Where “Ritual cannibalism has been (was) reported to be widespread in northwest central Queensland (Roth, 1897: 166)” (Monroe, 2016)

And the prohibition of whale hunting shouldn’t be in violation
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For instance you can create a new culture at work at home, or in your community, and in the case of the fishing villages that would suffer economic hardship in my view they should be compensated by the government with subsides to explore a new way of generating income. There're many other activities that could be just as profitable and by re-educating people and the villagers about the potential earning they could generate by switching to other activities the problems can be changed. Especially in a develop countries such as Norway or Japan. Where most people enjoy a high standard of life Norway according to the united nation development programme report has had the highest standard of life according to the HDI for twelve consecutive years in a row, (UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, 2015) I personally think a country with this kind of advancement should invest also in a protection of these species and pursue a change in their cultural approach towards whales in this day and age with all