Argumentative Essay: Should Australia Be A Monarchy?

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In Australia, there is a debate going around right now. The Debate is about whether we should become a republic or stay as a monarchy. Australia should stay as a monarchy because there are better issues to focus on right now rather than this one. There is also the fact that the change is unnecessary and we shouldn’t be spending the money on something we don't need. Becoming a republic would also weaken the alliance we have with England. Plus we would cut off one of the most crucial parts of the government that will keep it from becoming corrupt, the governor general. Even though you might think becoming a republic is necessary, after hearing these arguments you probably won’t think it is.

Firstly there is the fact that that becoming a republic is just going to have us pour in money that could be spent on much greater issues at hand. We could be spending money on counter-terrorism, marriage equality or even finding a better system for dealing with refugees. This is on top of the fact that people who are for an Australian republic say that the system won't change very much. If this is the case then why should we put in all of this money just to not be a part of England? If something isn’t broken why should we fix it?

Next is the fact that as a monarchy we have a strong alliance
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If the government becomes corrupt, ineffective or out of hand, the governor general can step in and cut them off. If Australia becomes a republic we would not have this “security system” in place meaning if the government was to become corrupt as a republic there would be no way to stop the corrupt government. Think of how bad things could get if this happened. This would not be good for Australia; in fact, it would be an embarrassment. Yes becoming a republic won’t change very much, but it will remove one of the most crucial parts of the government that will keep Australia from becoming