Argumentative Essay: Should People Go To College?

Words: 1915
Pages: 8

Education had been around for as long as we can remember. In early years it wasn’t easily accessible to everyone. In colonial America girls were only taught to read, Native Americans were brought in and being taught to be more “civilized”. Before the civil war anyone who dared to teach an African American how to read or right was a criminal. In the 1930’s females were taught “practical skills” such as cooking and sewing, African American students were “separate but equal” having old and small school house buildings full of children with little teachers, having very little books and the ones they did have were old and falling apart. Black schools have been burned to the ground and teachers received death threats. In 1954 Brown v. Board …show more content…
In this group of authors; Freeman Hrabowski “colleges prepare people for life”, Isabel Sawhill and Stephanie Owen “Should everyone go to college”, Liz Addison “two years better than four”, Charles Murray “are too many people going to college” and Mike Rose “Blue-collar brilliance” talk about different options students can have, if deciding they should go to college.
(Read again and find more information about this article and maybe change the position you took on it to make it go/ fit in better) (or move it to another spot) Murray states “and if you’re going to absorb such material, you must in some sense enjoy the process” (240). Too often schools are not giving enough information about colleges and that lack of information is a reason that there is fewer than 10% of college graduates receive their degree by the age of 24 from lower income families. (mention that lower income families think they can’t attend college because of the price) (move this to another section?)
Going to college can be a good investment. More and more employers are hiring people with at least a college degree and the graduates make about 10 percent more than someone with just a high school diploma, also students going into STEM related occupations have a higher return than a student going into arts or education related occupations. (Find more about STEM and talk about