Argumentative Essay: Should School Teachers Carry Guns?

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Should School Teachers Carry Guns?
In this modern day and age violence in schools and mass shootings have been increasing, and in some cases tripled according to one statistic from Harvard. Some of these mass shootings have carried over to schools, thus spawning the debate on whether teachers and faculty should be armed to defend themselves. Another facet to the debate involves college students and whether or not to allow students to be armed on campus. More guns may, or may not be the answer to stopping school shootings, but such debates are taking the conversation in the right direction. In order to understand the debate the topic must first be understood. In 2015 alone, there have been 65 reported incidences where guns were fired at schools. Some of these shots were randomly fired or an attempted suicide, but the fact that a live firearm was discharged at a school is cause for concern. One school in Washington had 336 shots fired in the vicinity of the school, and research shows that such districts involving local gunshots cause a reduction in school enrolment, and a drop in standardized score by 5%. The impact is not only in safety, but also academically. Parents are pulling their kids from school because of safety causing long and impractical trips to a different school.
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Proponents of the idea bring up points such as that college students are technically adults and should have the right to carry a gun. The belief that if everyone was armed, everybody would be scared to shoot, is also brung up. The problem with this idea is that arming everyone puts unnecessary stress on schools that are normally safe. Such a situation would slightly resemble the Cuban Missile Crisis. Everyone would be on edge with everyone else around, and it only takes one person to potentially start a gun fight much more surveer that it would have been without arming