Argumentative Essay: Should Students Enjoy Playing A Sport?

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For the longest time, everyone has been told that in order to get into a good college you need to be involved in at least one school sport. However, one must keep in mind that not everyone is athletic or enjoys playing a sport. I believe that participation in organized school athletics should not be required because not everyone is athletic, many students do not enjoy playing a sport, and some may not have time to be on a sports team.

Being a student, in high school especially means your schedule is very hectic. You have important tests, homework, clubs, and some might even have to work after school. Being involved in a sport means you have to sacrifice a lot of time for practices and games. For instance, one of my friends played field hockey
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I will take myself as an example. Whether it's soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, or field hockey, I have attempted to play all of the sports. However, I can never be able to play well. I end up messing up, feeling humiliated as well as embarrassed even though I practice many sports everyday, it just doesn't work. Forcing someone to play a sport when they can't and where they feel embarrassed is wrong and unnecessary. Instead, those people should spend their time doing and exploring something they will be good at as well as feel good about themselves. For example, instead of playing sports, I am sing and am very involved in regional chorus.

Lastly, I don't think participation in school sports should be required because it is possible some people may not be interested in that. Just like not everyone like singing, acting, and dancing, there are people who hate sports who are more interested in the arts where they can express themselves. For example, my first cousin wants to be on broadway someday. She is very talented and enjoys preforming on stage who would never want to be kicking a ball on a field.

Conclusively, participation in school sports should be a choice rather than a requirement. Some people may be interested in different activities, may not be athletic enough for the competitivness of playing a sport, and may have no time to be on a sports