Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Be Armed?

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Should Teachers Be Armed? The National Rifle Association (NRA) wants to train and arm all public school teachers and administrators. As the NRA plans, this action would protect students and school faculty who encounters serious danger such as a shootout or an armed intruder. Let’s say the NRA provides proper gun trainer to teachers. It is hard for me to imagine my sweet, elderly, loving second-grade teacher properly using a gun and shooting an armed intruder. Not everyone is capable of properly handling a gun, especially not teachers who have minimal to no gun experience.
Guns are dangerous. Some people might think it is safe to have one but in my opinion guns are powerful and there is many other ways to provide classroom safety. Technology only gets better and better with time. In the future, scientist could invent a machine or device to better provide safety (Welch). Maybe schools with more securities or police officers. Here is a question to consider: where would the teachers keep the guns? If the teachers kept it in something like a safe, it is going to be hard to get to if a shooter comes in. Teachers are not going to be able to call a timeout and ask the shooter to wait for them to get the gun out. There is a big probability for a student to easily think that a gun is a toy and start shooting at classmates. The truth of the matter is that kids
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Yes, it would be nice to have teachers with guns at schools and more proper safety classes. Many argue that, “Every single person has a right to defend themselves, and the right with it to bear arms, it is right in the Constitution itself” (Baydebate). However, realistically the consequences to this action would be much greater. To allow people to be armed all the time would lead to more killings, violence, and a very unsafe environment to live in. The right to arm just anyone would be a complete