Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Trade School

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As high school seniors approach graduation, many students will be making their final voyage into adulthood, via college. A plethora of these students will do well as students and earn a degree in in their respective fields of study. However, there are an overlooked minority of students who could perhaps find excellence elsewhere. These students are often the ones who did not do well academically in high school and feel they do not have a place in college. In addition to the students who performed poorly academically, there are also those students that either do not have the desire to attend college, or cannot afford to attend a college. This excess of students who are not aware of what they desire to do with the rest of their life, often culminates into a population of unemployed and dependent people. If high school counsellors were to acknowledge and to tell students that there are other viable options to college, then these …show more content…
It is believed that in order to produce the most qualified and competent graduate and future employee, an individual should be well rounded and educated to the fullest extent. By allowing students to attend trade schools, it is believed that they are missing out on the opportunity to expand their mind to the fullest extent as well. The students choosing this term of education disagree however, by stating that the decreased cost outweighs the downside of excluding required classes. These opinions are valid in their own way, however, they are misguided. Despite these critics and their many doubts of trade schools, it is imperative that students be allowed to choose for themselves the path to self-improvement and higher education. Thus high school students, and most importantly high school seniors, should be educated in their options regarding secondary higher